Fear Free Practice

Our fear free initiative is to take the fear out of coming to the vet.

We are implementing some new Tips/ Tricks and Strategies to help get pets who are nervous at the Vet from home to the clinic, through the visit and back home again with less stress.  Even Cats!

See our handouts on Home Prep Tips Before Vet Trips for Cats and Dogs.

Here is what we aim to do:

– Offering to move you and your pet to an exam room sooner, so you can let your pet off leash or out of its carrier to get accustomed to the room and explore on his own terms.

– Not taking every pet’s temperature if it seems too stressful

– Performing procedures in the exam room when possible if pets seem calmer with their owners than away from them.  Sometimes the opposite is true and pets feel less protective away from their owners and do better away from them.

-Using vaccines that are able to be given orally as a tasty treat instead of pushed up the nose and vaccines that are half the volume of regular vaccines given with tiny needles to make the experience more comfortable.

Of course we ALWAYS invite everyone to come in just for Happiness Visits for FREE during our quiet times!  This is a great opportunity to work with your pet toward desensitizing to our environment.  Practice getting off and on the scale.  Practice walking through the door!  Practice sitting in the exam room, giving treats and just BEING.  It also gives us an opportunity to give nothing but luvs, pets and treats!  No “nasty” business!  How about putting our clinic on your walking circuit?  A stop into the clinic as you pass by would be a great mini- visit!