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We're extremely grateful to have found Dr. Elliott and the staff at Murrieta Animal Hospital. They are kind, caring, loving and helpful.
Dr. Elliott is wonderfully thorough and generous with her time to offer detailed explanations.
We have complete confidence to bring our dog and four cats and have always found compassionate care, sound recommendations and fair charges.
A heartfelt recommendation!
Fred B.

Truly the best animal hospital I've ever taken a pet to. We adopted our dog from the Wildomar Animal Shelter on a Saturday. She still had to be spayed and Murrieta Animal Hospital had the first availability. We picked her up on Monday evening from their office and were very impressed by the office, staff, and Doctors. Our dog was doing very well and seemed comfortable. Less than two weeks later she got a bit of an infection on her wound site (it was impossible to keep her calm and out of the pool!). We called on a Saturday and explained the situation. Even though there were no appointments, they didn't want it to worsen over the weekend. They were able to squeeze her in and she was taken care of within ten minutes of us arriving. I know they treat the pets there exceptionally well as our dog was happy to be back there and left with the vet tech without even looking back for us! I've never had a pet do that at a veterinarian office! I will forever bring our dog here.
Sarah S.

Dr. DiMeglio and her staff saved my beloved “Pitty” after I was told she would die by another vet in Murrieta if I removed her from their premises. I was told it would be $1,600 for a cyst removal and she most likely wouldn’t make it through the night. Of course, I didn’t have the $1,000+ they wanted laying around but feared for my pet so I found MAH and called… They told me to bring her in the next day; that she would be fine over night and they would do it all and she would come home later that evening. How much you ask? $300 and change but as other posters have said, NO words or gratitude will ever suffice to thank you all! I went from being told she would die in a matter of hours to finding out the previous hospital lied and grossly mislead me into thinking the worst. She is doing better than she ever has and I am so so grateful.